Successfully offering complex HR services in the Hungarian market since 2009, our company HRem started off as a family business but we expanded our team with prominent HR professionals when we began to experience our outstanding growth. Our staffs have many years of corporate and consulting experience. This and our references are the guarantee for quality work.

As reflected in the company name, we provide the best solutions to companies who need high-level services, but are looking to minimize their costs while optimizing all aspects of HR processes.

Over the past few years, we closed more than 80 successful workforce placement and systematic direct search (head hunter) deals, while simultaneously carrying out complete HR outsourcing and workforce leasing services. Our current top clients are from the banking, automotive, and financial services sectors.

Our team members are experts not only in corporate, but in consultant fields as well. Depending on the complexity and the size of the mandate, besides our fixed team members we are able to activate our flexible background team as well.

We undertake HR representation, system design and operation, no matter if it is a micro enterprise employing ten people, or a multinational company with hundreds of employees.

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