Labour Law Consultation

The professionals of HRem have actual and accurate labour law knowledge concerning the rules and regulations related to the establishment and termination of the employment and to different other legislations related to the employment.

In case you mandate HRem with outsourced HR services you can make sure that:

  • the employment contracts are prepared according to the Hungarian Labour Code
  • the colleagues of HRem will monitor whether the practice of giving out the vacation days are in line with the regulations
  • the termination of employments are in line with the regulations of the Hungarian Labour Code
  • the professionals of HRem will carry out the administration and the allocation of work and rest times according
  • to the legal requirements
  • etc.

In case of more complex labour law related questions a labour law expert helps the professionals of HRem. With this solution we assure that your company will not get in any labour law troubles.

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