Outsourced HR

We offer outsourced HR for companies who cannot afford their own HR department either from a cost or from a headcount point of view to businesses whose HR professional is on a temporary leave: (e.g.: maternity leave, sabbatical, long-term sick leave). Firms that wish to optimize their Human Resources Management processes.

This service includes full HR analysis, HR system set up and handling in the following fields:

  • HR administration:
    • Hiring, firing
    • Labour law related administration
  • Compensation and benefits:
    • Salary survey (benchmarking)
    • Compensation structure (system development, introduction, handling)
    • Benefit package (system development, introduction, handling)
  • Cafeteria system (system development, introduction, handling)
  • Performance appraisal (system development, introduction, handling)
  • Measuring employee satisfaction (system development, introduction, handling)
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Change management
  • Training need assessment
  • Career & development
  • Succession planning
  • HR audit:
    • Administrative audit: contracts, job descriptions, rules and regulations
    • Assessment of organisational effectiveness
  • Reporting (according to needs)
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