Workforce Leasing

With this service we aim to promote the flexibility of our clients, in such a way that they can lease employees for their workforce from our company. The recruitment and the selection of the employees can be carried out either by the client or by HRem. With this opportunity from one hand the client can concentrate its efforts to the strategic work instead of carrying out the operational tasks, on the other hand the workforce does not belong to the client’s headcount and does not generate wage costs.

In case HRem is mandated with the recruitment and the selection of the leased employee we will make sure, that we find the best possible candidate for our client. We lease both blue and white collar workers for short and long term (from a period of few weeks to several years).

Our company will enter into an employment contract with the leased employee and we will take care of everything, starting from the work contract and including all other administrative aspects, such as registration at authorities, payroll, payments, etc. Importantly, however, the work management, control, the work schedule and performance, remain in the hands of the client.

In case our client should have the possibility and wish to employ the leased employee, in exchange of an employment fee we provide the opportunity in all cases.

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